Tuesday, September 23

Wallowing in the Mire

So, the Jersey Guys were harassing the Disco Dude tonight at Wash Park.

Meet Disco Dude: he roller skates (not blades) around the park carrying a boom box with poor sound quality, grooving to his tunes. He seems harmless. It’s interesting to watch his white guy non-rhythm. He is white, thick glasses, seems like a child of the eighties at least, maybe even the seventies. His music itself really doesn’t seem so disco, but his image is pure indie.

Enter the Jersey Guys. They surrounded Disco Dude in a pack and began mocking him. DD was yelling, “You don’t have to make fun of me!” as they swayed their arms and sang along. I think he shot a few expletives in their direction and as an outsider I could only wish for a stray mongrel to cross in front of the lead JG.

And the joggers (plus one pedestrian) along the streets as we drove over to the park were flinging themselves in front of our car. Mandy and I agreed it would be a miracle if we could get to the park and back home without getting in an accident.

Friday, September 19

Movie Review: American Flyers

I just finished watching American Flyers and was pleasantly surprised to find that it takes place in Boulder, Golden and along Mount Evans Road.

I thought that was pretty cool. I have ridden a bit of the road filmed in that movie.

The plot isn't great, but it's not bad, and the cycling footage actually is pretty darn good.

I would recommend it for sure, there is language and some slight nudity, more than I'd want my kids seeing for sure, but edited it would be fine and the racing scenes are worth some skipping around.

I think it's kinda cool that both this movie and Breaking Away were written by the same guy (Steve Tesich).

Sunday, September 14

MTB Guys

We went hiking at Mount Falcon Open Space today. We encountered some of the Jersey Guys on their full suspension bikes.

First encounter: we had just descended a whole 20' from the parking area and paused at a pile of rocks that Boone wanted to explore. Mandy was standing just out of the trail watching us and we heard a voice yell, "ON YOUR LEFT!" and we looked up the hill to see a mountain biker screaming down on us ON HER RIGHT. As he passed Mandy he yelled, "ON YOUR RIGHT!" but he was already past.

The trail is a busy one, with lots of couples and families and the mountain bikers were just all over the place. Some were considerate, but a few were just reckless.

On a more positive note, I watched Breaking Away tonight. I got it from the library along with Quicksilver and American Flyers. Can't wait to watch the other two, but Breaking Away was actually kinda cool for a 70s-ish movie.

After having hiked at Mount Falcon I could see going up there for a before work ride. The trails are pretty cool and you could get a decent amount of distance without having to do a heinous climb. Not that I'm opposed to heinous climbs, but sometimes its nice to just ride.

Thursday, September 11

Wednesday, September 10

Song Lyric I Like

"Joey never met a bike that he didn’t wanna ride"

- Kimya Dawson, Tire Swing (from the Juno soundtrack)

Wednesday, September 3


So I have figured out what it takes to be a "fixie" or fixed gear rider. Basically you have had to see the movie Quicksilver more than once.

After having decided you want to drop out of mainstream society and become a bike messenger you need to get a pair of faded jeans (roll up one or both legs) and a messenger bag and start riding in traffic and doing that balance thing at intersections while you wait (when you do). Try to ignore as many traffic laws as possible and for heaven's sake don't wear a helmet!

Being skinny helps, and make sure you scoff at all other cyclists.

On a related, but different note, the movie The Man With One Red Shoe has some great cycling scenes. Including a great scene where Tom Hanks is doing the balance thing at an intersection and one of the spies who is trailing him says, "How does he do that? I wish I could do that."

Check out this blog post.

Apparently I am not alone in my views.

Though this is a hysterical argument FOR fixies. Apparently people take this seriously...

Tuesday, September 2

Jersey Guys Revamped

Jersey Guys was supposed to be a fictitious blog written from the point of view of a cycling team training in Wash Park. We've grown overly frustrated with the "jersey guys" as Boone calls them and wanted to vent our frustrations via this blog. Now I think it might just be easier to relate the stories from our point of view and embellish a little internal dialogue for said Jersey Guys.

When I go to the park in the mornings for my rides I rarely encounter them, and why would I? That is a relatively slow time for the path around the park. But when we go in the evenings to walk and take the kids to the playground we end up fighting with the jersied cyclists, the rollerbladers, jogging clubs and pokers. It can get painful.

The path has clearly marked lanes, the inside for a clockwise ped path and the outside for a counterclockwise bike/rollerblade path. Ironically it seems that very few people abide by the simple rules and travel in the wrong direction in the wrong lane very frequently.

And also there is a posted speed limit of 15 mph. Now, to be completely honest, on my morning rides I very often ride 18-25 mph and maintain that speed for four or five laps around the park, but again, the park is usually desolate when I ride and I am very careful around other users.

When the park is crowded it makes no sense to fly around the park, four across, but the jersey guys do it all the time.