Wednesday, September 3


So I have figured out what it takes to be a "fixie" or fixed gear rider. Basically you have had to see the movie Quicksilver more than once.

After having decided you want to drop out of mainstream society and become a bike messenger you need to get a pair of faded jeans (roll up one or both legs) and a messenger bag and start riding in traffic and doing that balance thing at intersections while you wait (when you do). Try to ignore as many traffic laws as possible and for heaven's sake don't wear a helmet!

Being skinny helps, and make sure you scoff at all other cyclists.

On a related, but different note, the movie The Man With One Red Shoe has some great cycling scenes. Including a great scene where Tom Hanks is doing the balance thing at an intersection and one of the spies who is trailing him says, "How does he do that? I wish I could do that."

Check out this blog post.

Apparently I am not alone in my views.

Though this is a hysterical argument FOR fixies. Apparently people take this seriously...

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