Sunday, September 14

MTB Guys

We went hiking at Mount Falcon Open Space today. We encountered some of the Jersey Guys on their full suspension bikes.

First encounter: we had just descended a whole 20' from the parking area and paused at a pile of rocks that Boone wanted to explore. Mandy was standing just out of the trail watching us and we heard a voice yell, "ON YOUR LEFT!" and we looked up the hill to see a mountain biker screaming down on us ON HER RIGHT. As he passed Mandy he yelled, "ON YOUR RIGHT!" but he was already past.

The trail is a busy one, with lots of couples and families and the mountain bikers were just all over the place. Some were considerate, but a few were just reckless.

On a more positive note, I watched Breaking Away tonight. I got it from the library along with Quicksilver and American Flyers. Can't wait to watch the other two, but Breaking Away was actually kinda cool for a 70s-ish movie.

After having hiked at Mount Falcon I could see going up there for a before work ride. The trails are pretty cool and you could get a decent amount of distance without having to do a heinous climb. Not that I'm opposed to heinous climbs, but sometimes its nice to just ride.

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