Tuesday, September 23

Wallowing in the Mire

So, the Jersey Guys were harassing the Disco Dude tonight at Wash Park.

Meet Disco Dude: he roller skates (not blades) around the park carrying a boom box with poor sound quality, grooving to his tunes. He seems harmless. It’s interesting to watch his white guy non-rhythm. He is white, thick glasses, seems like a child of the eighties at least, maybe even the seventies. His music itself really doesn’t seem so disco, but his image is pure indie.

Enter the Jersey Guys. They surrounded Disco Dude in a pack and began mocking him. DD was yelling, “You don’t have to make fun of me!” as they swayed their arms and sang along. I think he shot a few expletives in their direction and as an outsider I could only wish for a stray mongrel to cross in front of the lead JG.

And the joggers (plus one pedestrian) along the streets as we drove over to the park were flinging themselves in front of our car. Mandy and I agreed it would be a miracle if we could get to the park and back home without getting in an accident.

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