Thursday, October 30

Geriatric Jersies

Ok, you know who you are, but this post goes out to the three SUPERJERKS who nearly ran me and Boone over at Smith Lake at Wash Park this afternoon.

Mandy and I took Boone and Lily and Ty and Alison (in visiting from back east) to the park. We rode our bikes. Ty and Ali rode over to the park and Mandy pulled our kids in the trailer.

When we went to leave the park Boone wanted to ride his bike, so Ty got in the trailer and I hung back with Boone. Near the Lily Pond Boone wobbled and toppled and while he was on the ground and I was trying to help him up three ancient old cyclists came barreling through, weaving between us, scowling and then Mandy said as they passed her one of them said to the others "Looks like somebody failed trike 101."

They were flying and they barely missed both of us and they were just as rude as they could be. We were at the park and not inhibiting traffic on a bike trail. If a family can't got to the park and ride bikes then where can they go?

I wish we had been closer to Mandy and the other kids cause I'd have chased them down and let them have a few choice words to burn into their plasticized brains.

Thursday, October 23


So now that winter is swift approaching I will probably take a sabbatical from writing about the Jersey Guys. I plan on trying to start running (went once so far!) and probably won't ride as much. But who knows...maybe some glaringly absurd event will provoke me to capture it in blog form.

If you don't hear from me before spring, be assured that more Jersey Guys stories will return as I begin training for the Triple-By-Pass some time in May. My goal is to do at least the TBP and hopefully the Copper Triangle as well.

And I know I'll see many Jersies along the way as I prepare my body for the punishment of those rides.

It's funny because Boone always refers to the colorful cyclists as "Jersey Guys" now.

I love it!

Stay tuned...more to come in a few months!

Tuesday, October 7


Last night I saw a guy barreling through a crowded section of the path at Wash Park, one hand on his handlebars and the other either dialing his phone or texting, his eyes fixed on the display.

It was a lovely display of complete disregard for the safety of others. He wasn't just responding to a call, he was initiating contact with someone.

I so wish I had the camera with me at the time, though he was weaving so fast through the crowd that I wouldn't have been able to get the shot.