Sunday, November 23

New Loop Ride

I got out today for a nice 20 miler. Mandy and I were going to take the kids and ride a loop, but Boone acted like he wasn't feeling too good so we decided I would go ride and then when I got back she would go walk at the park (but she is riding up to the King Soopers near Boone's school for groceries right now).

I decided to go ahead and ride at least part of the loop we were all going to do, so I headed east on the Cherry Creek to Bayaud, hit Alameda and took the Alameda Bikeway just past Havana to the Westerly Creek Trail.

The northern terminus of the trail is Exposition Park at Alameda and right off the bat the trail surface is fantastic.

I rode south on the trail all the way to Iliff, but at that point there was trail construction and it was closed beyond. So I took Iliff west to Lima and then that south to Yale and took Yale back to the Cherry Creek.

I blasted back northwest on the CCT and was back home 21.6 miles and 1:32 hrs later.

It was a good ride, a bit chilly and very little bike traffic (except on the CCT). I didn't have any run ins with the Jersey Guys, they must have been terrorizing Wash Park or some other trail (like the South Platte).

All in all a great ride...

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