Thursday, November 20

So Much for Hiatus

Oh well...I thought I could take some time off from ranting about this stuff, but I find that the longer I've gone without riding the more I want to ride.

I am truly impressed with how many people here continue riding for transportation despite the cold, shortness of days and increased traffic at times. In Kentucky no one rode, much less rode when the conditions were less than favorable.

I wish I could get back to riding more. It's just this rotating counter shift thingy makes it hard to maintain a routine and be consistent.

I haven't ridden to work in so long I can't remember the last time.

We're talking more about moving to Golden once our lease is up in the spring and if we do I think we may go to one car. If that happens then I'll ride a LOT more. But for now I am a slave to the car. But I have full intentions of liberating myself from it for daily travels in the near future. I can and I will!

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