Saturday, January 31

Is It Spring Yet? (Or: Mini-Tour de Littleton)

So I went for a 2 hour ride this morning. I rode south on the South Platte and then turned east on Lee Gulch Trail. It was dirt. My intentions were to ride Lee Gulch to its end near the C-470/Highline Trails and then make a loop back along the Highline to the trail I rode a few weeks ago and then back to the South Platte.

But since Lee Gulch was dirt I couldn’t continue on it, so I hopped off on Windmere and then south the Highline. I didn’t know if the Highline would be hard surface or not in that section but I was hoping it was. It wasn’t.

So I rode the Highline a little ways til I got to a street crossing, I jumped off the Highline and headed west (toward the South Platte) to Elati and then north. Along Elati I crossed another trail, the Little Creek? Trail. So I jumped on it headed west until I came to a place where it didn’t seem to go on, though the creek continued on toward the river.

I turned north again, and within a couple of blocks I was at Littleton Blvd. It looked busy, but also like it passed through a quaint looking CBD so I turned west on it, knowing it shouldn’t be too much farther to the SPT. I passed through what seemed to be downtown Littleton, and it was quite quaint and attractive. And as I had predicted, the South Platte was just beyond.

I rocketed north on the SPT back to Alameda and made it home right at 2 hours out and I had traveled 27.22 miles.

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