Monday, January 12

Me...a Jersey Guy?

Yeah, I guess so for awhile, at least until I do the TBP. I need to ride a lot and I need to...train for the ride. It won't just come to me. There are so many things I need to consider and work on.

1) Eating on the bike: I need to get better at keeping my energy level up and in preparing for the ride days before

2) Long rides: I need to build up over time the endurance and fitness to stay on my bike for 10 hours at least

3) Climbing: I gotta get in shape for repeated long climbs

So I went ahead and got started. I only did a 2 hour ride yesterday, but I needed to get started and I need to take advantage of every opportunity to get in some miles.

I have decided that instead of focusing on distance I need to focus on time on the bike and on climbing. The miles are irrelevant compared to the overall effort.

This is going to be a big deal to get in shape for and to enjoy as I ride it.

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