Saturday, January 17


Ok, so my on bike threshhold seems to be right around 30 miles/2 hours right now.

I rode 41.5 miles in 2:45 this morning, and the last 10 miles or so were rough. Of course by then I had turned south on the South Platte Trail (from the northern terminus) and was riding into a headwind, so today's ride might not be an accurate representation of what I am capable of.

Its a good thing that I didn't follow through with my original plan which was to ride from the Golden Community Center to the top of Lookout Mountain and then home. But if I had I probably would have taken my normal commute route home instead of the Clear Creek Trail to South Platte (then north to its terminus and then back south) and then up Cherry Creek home.

But it all worked out good. I am not so concerned with building up my climbing abilities just yet. That will come soon enough.

Actually, I think I do need to start training for the climbs on the Triple Bypass, but today I just wanted to push past the 20-25 mile mark which I haven't surpassed in a long time. My amended plan when I headed out, after deciding I wasn't going to ride Lookout Mountain was to ride the 30 miles home. But I decided to the do the northern 5 miles of the South Platte on a side detour.

It kicked my butt.

But it was good, and I think I need to keep up this sort of effort for at least a couple weeks and then as long as the weather holds I'm gonna climb me some hills.

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