Sunday, March 8

Jersey Parade

I started out at the beginning of the parade, but ended up at the end as all of the other participants passed me by.

I rode from Denver to Lookout Mountain in Golden and back this afternoon. I rode for 3 hrs and 22 minutes and covered 44.4 miles. The weather today was great, and it was a good ride, though I have felt stronger.

I did get passed going up Lookout Mountain by a lot of people, but then a lot of them stopped along the way too.

It felt good to ride up Lookout Mountain again. When we move to Golden I think I'll be doing it much more often.

OH! Before I forget (HOW COULD I FORGET?!): I passed a car on my bike. In fact, I passed two. The first one was a car going really slow, I had to ride my brakes through the switchbacks above Windy Saddle. The second was near the bottom of the climb, and I did it because I could, and not because they were going slow. I left that car pretty far behind too. I've wanted to pass a car on my bike for years now. I almost did it once riding in the Gorge, bu the guy got in the middle of the road to keep me from it.

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