Tuesday, March 17

Title Change

So I changed the title of this blog. It used to be "Jersey Guys: Adventures in Idiocy."

I felt like it was a bit harsh, and since of late my posts have been less about 'jersey guys' in general, and more concerning my own personal cycling adventures I decided I needed to make a change.

The new title reflects the idea that cyclists inhabit the edge, the fringe of what is considered the traveled surface. I was thinking this morning on my way in to work, as I was riding on the left edge of the bike lane to avoid huge potholes on the right edge of said bike lane, that my cycling is a great analogy to my life really. I've always stuck right along the edge, never sticking it out in the lane, but I have been creeping closer in the last year and now I am definitely on the edge of what would be considered the normal lane of traffic.

Cyclists do inhabit a region that is predominantly fringe-esque. Is the bike vehicle? The rider glorified pedestrian? I like to think that I am just another motorist, just that my motor requires less petroleum to power. So while this blog is titled "From the Pavement's Edge" my main blog will remain subtitled "Taking the Lane." I think if I haven't confused you yet, I should stop before I confuse myself.

One last note: the header photo is one I took of a cyclist riding up Mount Evans Road. I was on my way down.

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