Thursday, April 30


So when I reach 47 S. Logan Street this afternoon I will have covered 200 miles this month on my bike. Not a lot, but more than in the past few months.

My goal for May? 500 miles. I need to do at least 125 miles a week with a few leftover days to make up for any deficiency. I'm showing off my math skills here: average 17.8 miles a day each week. Ok, I used a calculator...get over it.

I can crank out high miles on the weekends, probably even manage to get in most of my weekly miles as the month goes on, but I really have to step it up.

My goal for June is going to be at least 600 miles. We'll see what's realistic after May is finished.

Onward and Upward

200 miles in April...I'm going to get 500 miles in May. The most I've ever ridden (since I was 14 years old and riding back and forth past Jenny Mosbacker's house 24/7) in a month was 390 miles back in July. I then rode 300+ in August but nothing close since. I know I can ride 400+ miles in a month. Anyway...

Tuesday, April 28

Morning Commute

I had a good commute this morning, if a bit sluggish. I saw a fox a mile or so east of work. It was kinda cool seeing him, he was just trotting down the street in a quiet neighborhood. My presence on my bike didn't seem to disturb him.

I need to do a little bike maintenance. I think I need to clean my chain and my brake pads. I probably need to replace my pads. I've had the bike about two years and its the original pads still on there.

I'll have managed 200 miles this month if I can get 26 more miles in in the next two days. Pathetic! But I'm gonna shoot for 200. Next month I should do 400 at least. I need to be riding every Saturday and as often as I can besides that.

Monday, April 27

I Don't Like Mondays!

Woke up to a spring snow this morning. As I cleaned the concrete-like stuff off my car I repeatedly had to jump out of the way as cars rocketed past on Logan to avoid getting my work clothes slushed.

I had a good ride on Saturday, and I really should have gone out yesterday afternoon while the rest of my family napped and rode but gravity's pull was strongest around the bed and I finally stopped resisting its call.

I want to ride, but while we still live in the city I want to get out and collect a bunch of cycling photos...fixiots, jersey guys, cruisers, homeless cyclists, bike much as I can in the urban ecosystem.

I should have been doing this all along, taking more time to capture Denver's huge cycling "community." It is amazing to me the sheer number of people that put the fun between their legs. Once we move out to Lakewood I won't have ready access to such a wealth of photo opportunities. I'll be locked in the midst of suburbia, only able to find Jersey Guys and MTBers headed for Morrison. Got to get the old shooter out and capture some stock stuff for sure while I still can.

Saturday, April 25


Went out early this morning to try and avoid the worst of the traffic. Might have avoided the worst...but a lot of people were out.

Today was the kind of day I miss, drizzly, foggy goodness, climbing into the clouds, cool droplets of water beading up on my glasses (found a tear in my left contact this morning!)

I started at the Mount Glennon trailhead just outside of downtown Morrison and I headed south on the C-470 bikeway. I turned west into Ken Caryl and then down to Deer Creek Canyon. I stopped at South Valley OS to pee and snack up a bit before beginning my climb. I'd been at it for 45 minutes and I was beginning to sweat so I peeled the sleeves off my cycling jacket, tucked my full fingered gloves in my pack and started pedaling up the dry pavement into Deer Creek Canyon.

It wasn't long before the pavement turned damp and I started having trouble seeing through my mist spattered lenses. The climb up the canyon was slow, steady but beautiful and meditative. I love Deer Creek Canyon, it's beautiful and serene, less busy than Bear Creek or Golden gate Canyons and it reminds me of the south east.

I turned left at Phillipsburg, avoiding the Turkey Creek option to the loop and continued climbing into Upper Deer Creek Canyon. After Maxwell Hill Road the real climbing began, and the precip intensified. The upper, upper part of Deer Creek Canyon is a winding ribbon of pavement, partway up a steep canyonside. Today the canyon was filled with thick fog.

I reached Kuester Road. Last time I rode Deer Creek Canyon I turned around at Kuester Road, but this time I continued on toward Pleasant Park and ultimately Conifer. I had imagined that beyond Kuester Road that the bottom would drop out and that I'd cruise into Conifer like a rocket car across Bonneville Salt Flats. Wrong-O! I got a topography lesson today. When Deer Creek Canyon Road turns to Pleasant Park Road at the junction with Kuester Road it continues to climb, almost all the way to Conifer. 10 miles it climbs...from South Valley OS to just outside Conifer...climb, climb, climb.

I stopped at the junction of Pleasant Park Rd and 285 and texted Mandy and then began my long descent back to Morrison. I took 73 from Conifer to Evergreen and then dropped into Bear Creek Canyon. Oddly, the ride into Evergreen went faster (and was drier) than the Bear Creek Canyon descent. I was whacked from my 10 mile climb up Deer Creek, so I couldn't put the spurs to it down Bear Creek, so I was at the mercy of gravity and friction, not even able to maintain the speed limit down the canyon.

But it was a fantastic ride, went better than I had expected despite the cold, wet conditions. I rolled into Morrison three and a half hours after leaving, a full half hour sooner than I had expected. I stowed my bike in my car and drove over to Red Rocks Cyclery and got a mocha and then turned the Suburbaru east.

Great ride...the Triple is going to go down without a hitch!

Friday, April 24

50 MIles

Since I've been slacking I have decided to push it a little tomorrow...40-50 miles up Deer Creek Canyon, over to Evergreen and down Bear Creek Canyon.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 21


So I went through a short spell where I had no motivation to ride, even though I knew I needed to be riding to prepare for the Triple Bypass. And then the weather has been hit or miss for a few weeks and it has been really hard to be consistent anyway.

But then after my ride with the kids on Sunday I've been bitten again by the cycling bug. I want to ride...

Back on Track?

I went for a ride last night. Man, I felt strong! I pedaled hard for fifteen miles and felt strong all the way. I think my strength training for my legs might be paying off. I just need to keep it up.

And then I got a flat...and when I got home I put a new tube (slime filled) in and twenty minutes later my tire was flat again.

The tires have been really good. I bought them many months ago, they're Michelin Krylion Carbons. I bought them back when I was being plagued by goatheads and I haven't had a flat since. But yesterday I thin I picked up a hunk of glass coming across the 8th Avenue viaduct. I dug it out in pieces and shards, and I was certain I got all of it out, but maybe I didn't, or maybe I pinched the tube while inflating it.

So I'll definitely get new tires before the TBP, and for now, with my tube situation I guess I'll try again tonight. Having the second flat last night sort of bumped me out of riding this morning. But I can fix it tonight and ride tomorrow.

I will complete the Triple Bypass on July 11th. I will!

Friday, April 10


This morning the mountains were deliciously socked in behind a wall of fog as I pedaled my Giant west. It was difficult to terminate my ride at my place of employ which is situated at the base of the foothills.

I wanted to climb into the misty heights, and seek out some blustery land to frolic cyclically about in all day.

But alas! My underdeveloped sense of responsibility was BEAT DOWN by my desire to settle debts and provide sustenance for my family.

Maybe next time I can venture into that fantastical land, far above the paved street, high into the depths of cloud and sky...soon, soon dear reader...I will ride all the way to the summit of Mount Evans from home.

Thursday, April 9

Fixer-vation (Fixie Observation)

I love seeing the guys doing an Escher loop at intersections because they can't stop their bikes. I used to do that as a kid, just because I was a kid...but these guys do it because its easier to take up the whole intersection, risking being hit by a turning car, pedestrian or perhaps a city bus, than to slip their feet out of the straps and put their feet down.

Its either that or just blow the intersection at full bore. I've almost hit a few that did that. Not intentionally of course...

So tell me again how the lack of a freewheel and brakes in combination with a single gear is superior to the standard modern road bike?

Sunday, April 5


So...I guess after the end of May I won't have too many fixie stories or complaints. We're going to be moving deep into suburbia. Fixies are more of a hardcore urban thing. But I bet we will see a LOT more Jersey Guys.

Maybe I should get out and get my fixie fix as much as possible the next few weeks. I need to hit the streets and get as many photos and good stories as possible.

Friday, April 3

Cycling Hierarchy

Ok, since I go on about fixie clones and jersey guys I guess I ought to do a hierarchy, a breakdown of the cycling world.

Categories: Those Who Cycle for Fun, Those Who Cycle for Utility, Those Who Cycle for Sport, Those Who Cycle for Fashion

At the top of the hierarchy I'm going to put:

Those that Ride for Fun

Kids riding up and down the cul-de-sac, building ramps to jump their bikes, racing other kids down the street, riding around the park, doing tricks, weaving all over the road just because its fun...y'know, for kids! Adults can ride for fun too. I love seeing the twentysomethings on the cruiser bikes. If you're riding a cruiser you're most likely riding for fun. Mom and dad out riding with the kids, mountain bikers that aren't training for a race, me, riding up Mount Evans Road, anyone just out for the day without an agenda or destination. You probably won't find a pair of padded bike shorts anywhere in this bunch.

Those that Cycle for Utility

This would include adults that use the bike for their primary mode of transportation. Most often they would be found riding a mountain bike, a hybrid, a touring bike (if they're old school) or an old 10 speed. They dress for the weather, have accessories that don't necessarily make the bike look more aerodynamic or fashionable and they probably don't care much about the weight of their water bottle cage.

This category would also include kids that ride to and from school, ride the bike to a friend's house, to the park, and just to get around in general. The distinction between this sort of child and the child that ride primarily for fun is that most likely this kid will have a bike lock, or at least make an effort to secure their bike where a kid that rides for fun will drop the sucker anywhere. Also, the kids that ride for utility will most likely be alone, or at least not in the company of mom and/or dad.

Those that Ride for Sport

Jersey Guys/Gals, those that use the bike as a training tool, but not to get to the store, as entertainment or when they take the kids out an about. They have carbon seat posts, bottle cages and frames, aerodynamic sunglasses, shaved legs (how could that be fun?!), ride 30 mph through the park, ride in groups so they can draft and wear race jerseys with matching shorts and/or jerseys with their sponsors or who they would like to sponsor them.

Those that Ride for Fashion

Fixie clones or their like. The bike is a fashion/personality statement, but actually having a purpose for the bike is clearly secondary. A certain type of wardrobe, image and behavior set is important. You must scowl at anyone higher in this hierarchy, motorists, pedestrians and basically anyone else, including other fixie clones. Very little cycling specific gear is endorsed, but some is necessary. Usefulness of the bike is also secondary, but paint schemes, stickers and weird useless handlebar configurations are high on the list of priorities. Also that fall into this category are Jersey People that have no athletic purpose to their riding and probably don't enjoy riding as much as they enjoy spending money on gear and clothes.

Other bike blog

Road Rights

Pay special attention to the comments by Representative Patrick McHenry. He sounds terribly ignorant.


So lately I've notcied that everytime I see a cyclist on the road I first look to see if they have a rear derailleur. And then if they don't I immediately want to run them over.

I've also noticed that a lot of fixiots have fenders. I guess that's to keep the designer jeans clean?

Saw this guy last Thursday during the blizzard:

He scowled at me as I was getting my camera out. I think he thought I was going to take his photo. I wasn't...but then I decided to anyway.

Or maybe he thought I was a tourist, like the guy that we passed on some random bike path one day. We were out with the kids, I had the camera and he made some comment that led us to believe he thought we were tourons or poseurs. But the truth was, we had ridden from our house to get where we were and he had probably driven from some suburb to a trailhead and had ridden from there. Touron.

I must admit, devoted reader, that I have not been riding much at all lately. I rode the Tuesday before the blizzard, but I haven't ridden since. My legs are losing the shred of Triple B training they had built up. I am going to hurt so bad climbing those passes...blah!

So next week I must go back to being hardcore commuter cyclist. The weather must not matter! My weak pansy legs must not hold me back!