Thursday, April 30


So when I reach 47 S. Logan Street this afternoon I will have covered 200 miles this month on my bike. Not a lot, but more than in the past few months.

My goal for May? 500 miles. I need to do at least 125 miles a week with a few leftover days to make up for any deficiency. I'm showing off my math skills here: average 17.8 miles a day each week. Ok, I used a calculator...get over it.

I can crank out high miles on the weekends, probably even manage to get in most of my weekly miles as the month goes on, but I really have to step it up.

My goal for June is going to be at least 600 miles. We'll see what's realistic after May is finished.

Onward and Upward

200 miles in April...I'm going to get 500 miles in May. The most I've ever ridden (since I was 14 years old and riding back and forth past Jenny Mosbacker's house 24/7) in a month was 390 miles back in July. I then rode 300+ in August but nothing close since. I know I can ride 400+ miles in a month. Anyway...

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