Tuesday, April 21

Back on Track?

I went for a ride last night. Man, I felt strong! I pedaled hard for fifteen miles and felt strong all the way. I think my strength training for my legs might be paying off. I just need to keep it up.

And then I got a flat...and when I got home I put a new tube (slime filled) in and twenty minutes later my tire was flat again.

The tires have been really good. I bought them many months ago, they're Michelin Krylion Carbons. I bought them back when I was being plagued by goatheads and I haven't had a flat since. But yesterday I thin I picked up a hunk of glass coming across the 8th Avenue viaduct. I dug it out in pieces and shards, and I was certain I got all of it out, but maybe I didn't, or maybe I pinched the tube while inflating it.

So I'll definitely get new tires before the TBP, and for now, with my tube situation I guess I'll try again tonight. Having the second flat last night sort of bumped me out of riding this morning. But I can fix it tonight and ride tomorrow.

I will complete the Triple Bypass on July 11th. I will!

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