Friday, April 3


So lately I've notcied that everytime I see a cyclist on the road I first look to see if they have a rear derailleur. And then if they don't I immediately want to run them over.

I've also noticed that a lot of fixiots have fenders. I guess that's to keep the designer jeans clean?

Saw this guy last Thursday during the blizzard:

He scowled at me as I was getting my camera out. I think he thought I was going to take his photo. I wasn't...but then I decided to anyway.

Or maybe he thought I was a tourist, like the guy that we passed on some random bike path one day. We were out with the kids, I had the camera and he made some comment that led us to believe he thought we were tourons or poseurs. But the truth was, we had ridden from our house to get where we were and he had probably driven from some suburb to a trailhead and had ridden from there. Touron.

I must admit, devoted reader, that I have not been riding much at all lately. I rode the Tuesday before the blizzard, but I haven't ridden since. My legs are losing the shred of Triple B training they had built up. I am going to hurt so bad climbing those passes...blah!

So next week I must go back to being hardcore commuter cyclist. The weather must not matter! My weak pansy legs must not hold me back!

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