Monday, April 27

I Don't Like Mondays!

Woke up to a spring snow this morning. As I cleaned the concrete-like stuff off my car I repeatedly had to jump out of the way as cars rocketed past on Logan to avoid getting my work clothes slushed.

I had a good ride on Saturday, and I really should have gone out yesterday afternoon while the rest of my family napped and rode but gravity's pull was strongest around the bed and I finally stopped resisting its call.

I want to ride, but while we still live in the city I want to get out and collect a bunch of cycling photos...fixiots, jersey guys, cruisers, homeless cyclists, bike much as I can in the urban ecosystem.

I should have been doing this all along, taking more time to capture Denver's huge cycling "community." It is amazing to me the sheer number of people that put the fun between their legs. Once we move out to Lakewood I won't have ready access to such a wealth of photo opportunities. I'll be locked in the midst of suburbia, only able to find Jersey Guys and MTBers headed for Morrison. Got to get the old shooter out and capture some stock stuff for sure while I still can.

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