Tuesday, May 12

Bike to Work Week

This week is the League of American Cyclists' Bike to Work Week.

Since I got my Cannondale all lined out (minus some much needed brake adjustments) I decided I'd ride it this morning. I forgot how much I love that bike. The shifting is smooth, I don't have to look down to see where I'm at in the gears, I can just feel it.

My Giant is a pain to get into the highest gear and it is geared much higher overall. Of course it is...its a road bike. But I think the Cannondale is much better suited to my strengths and as I rode in I sort of decided that any long ride I do (like a cross country ride) I think I am going to use the Cannondale for sure.

It needs touring tires (the knobby MTB tires were loud on the pavement this morning) and a few other minor modifications, but otherwise I think it'd make an ideal touring bike.

Its a great mountain bike too. It has no suspension, but suspension is overrated a lot of times I think anyway. I'm not that serious a MTBer, I just like cruising trails.

Anyway, the Cannondale is once again my new favorite bike.


So with this new development (Cannondale being ridable again) a few more training possibilities have opened up. There is the initial scheme I had of riding from Empire to Berthoud Pass to the summit of Colorado Mines Peak. Also now I want to ride Guanella Pass from Georgetown and we can do a family ride on the Sand Creek Greenway in the prairie. I'm sure many other past schemes will come to mind again soon, but those are the three most prominent in my mind. Depending on the weather and snow cover I want to try to ride Berthoud or Guanella very soon.

My Mount Evans Century is going to be coming up soon and I want to be ready for that. I had intended that ride to be a gauge of whether or not I'd be ready for the Triple...right now I'm not feeling ready for the Mt Evans ride I have planned.

We'll see...


I need to incorporate more mileage into my diet. So I am going to start trying to leave early, ride up Lookout Mountain and come down Chimney Gulch or through Apex and once we move over to Lakewood I think I'll try to ride over Green Mountain or Dinosaur Ridge to work. I can also incorporate rides up Bear Creek Canyon in the morning and maybe even a loop over to Lookout Mountain.

I was looking at the calendar and I am way behind schedule on my miles. I need to up them without injuring myself. I am hoping longer rides to work will do the trick. I need to climb too! Climb! Climb! Climb!

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