Thursday, May 14

Bikes I Have Seen Lately

The other day as I was approaching Golden headed toward the Renewable Energy Lab on Denver West I saw a guy on what looked like a homemade recumbent. He flew past me too.

Last night we saw a couple on a tandem bike pulling a bike trailer. I've also seen people (and have tried it myself, it works) hauling a pull-behind kids' bike with a trailer attached behind that. It's kinda like a train.

This morning I saw a guy that looked like the love child of a fixiot and a jersey guy. He was wearing spandex, bike shoes, a helmet and riding what looked like a fixie. It might have been a three speed, but it definitely didn't have a rear cassette.

I get a few odd looks myself now, riding my fixed frame ancient mountain bike with its huge knobby tires. That's ok, I don't mind.

I plan on slowly converting it to more of a touring bike. I think the frame and the components are perfect for touring. It's geared lower than my slick road bike and is much better suited for climbing. It just needs hybrid tires and a little tweaking of the handlebars/grips.

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