Friday, May 8

Commuting Blues

Ok, so I'm not really blue aboot it. Its actually good news. This week was the first week I rode four consecutive days to work. I took all my clothes on Monday and have been diligent all week, not letting any excuse sway me from my resolve.

As of this morning I have ridden 80 miles this week and so far for the month. I'm on my way to 400 (500 if possible!) miles in May for sure! I rode each morning and then I rode home on Tuesday night as well. Still up in the air aboot tonight. Mandy may come pick me up or I may ride home.

The plan tomorrow is to do a family ride from Denver to Golden via the Clear Creek Trail so that should either knock me over my target of 125 miles a week or put me darn close. The downer is that the weather isn't supposed to be so great tomorrow. But we have the tools and we have the talent to make it happen.

My morning commute involves 800 feet in elevation gain, so I am getting a bit of climbing in, but nothing too steep. I truly need to start jumping on the hills. Lookout, Flagstaff, Berthoud Pass (maybe summit Colorado Mines Peak via MTB from Empire?), Bear Creek, Deer Creek...climbing is key. And I'm staying away from the TBP route. My only concession there is that in June I plan on riding Mount Evans from the plains and I'll probably return via Squaw Pass, but I'll be going in the reverse direction of the ride in July.

Things are coming together...I just need to start cranking the lo-oong miles.


To have the apprentice in the Sun, Duchamp, 1914
Or how to make the viewer uncomfortable wit this total incoherence between the pictorial and the verbal image. The absence of the usual complementarity between image and written word leaves us perplex. The title, or signifier of meaning, and the object, the signified meaning, do not produce a sign, a way to understand.

Duchamp later explained that "To have the apprentice in the Sun" is the caption of a drawing that represents an ethical cyclist climbing a hill which is reduced to a line". He also said that art shouldn't just be visual. It should also increase or desire to think and understand. It carries us to the land of metaphors.

- from

The concept of "delay" is underscored by a drawing Duchamp made in 1914 [Figure 17] called Avoir l'apprenti dans le soleil (To Have the Apprentice in the Sun). Here the cyclist as high-wire performer, hunched over on his racing bike, rides a thread-like diagonal line between musical staffs--a line that begins in a loop and abruptly comes to an end near the upper right margin so that linear progression is again suspended. To "have" this particular "apprentice" in the sun, as the title suggests, is thus not to "have" him at all.


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