Saturday, May 9

Family Ride and Much Needed Maintenance

We took the kids and did an 18.75 mile bike ride today. We rode over to the South Platte, then south to Ruby Hill. We looked for a geocache along the way, but couldn't find it. We rode up through Ruby Hill and found a cool playground with awesome views.

We hung out awhile, tagged the summit of Ruby Hill and then dropped down to the Sanderson Gulch Trail. We rode it to it's western terminus and then took a side street (one block east of Sheridan) south to the Bear Creek Trail. We rode it back to the South Platte, stopping at a neat pocket park along the way.

Once we got back home I went to work trying to fix the rear derailleur on my mountain bike. I took it on our ride but it's been messed up since it came out on the truck from Kentucky. I've tried to fix it a few times, but no dice.

My plan this afternoon was to try putting a spare derailleur I took off of the first $10 bike we bought Boone. That didn't work, so Mandy said I should go to REI and get a derailleur. So I took the kids, we went and got a new rear derailleur and a new chain.

I came back and followed the directions and put the derailleur and new chain on. After doing it I understood how all the parts of the derailleur work and I am confident that now I can successfully adjust any of our rear derailleurs. That made me super happy. One of my cycling goals is to get to a point where I can do all of my own maintenance on our bikes.

So now I have my "mountain" bike setup for commuting. I may still ride my road bike to work, but if I need to take anything with me I have the carrier on the MTB and can put the panniers on it now.

Now I can do the ride from Empire to Berthoud Pass and then on to the summit of Colorado Mines Peak that I mentioned. I think for my May NORD I may try that...

I also made a few key chains out of the old bike chain. Nothing terribly significant, but pretty fun.

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