Monday, May 4

Fixie News

The following email comes in from a concerned reader in Denver:

So interesting bike stories from Capitol Hill. I am headed up Logan to 6th and and get stuck about 3 cars back from the light. Fixiot whips past us all on the left (between turn lane and right through lane) and heads to the front of the pack. Apparently he doesn't know how to do the balance thing so instead he "paces" back and forth in front of all three lanes of traffic on his bike. Then a guy coming down Logan the wrong direction on the sidewalk and rides across the crosswalk like a pedestrian. THEN I am doing my around Dora Moore and this guy comes off of 8th and heads up Corona the wrong way scowling at me because I can't get over to let him by.

I wonder if we didn't get the memo that cyclist are allowed to do whatever they want.

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