Wednesday, May 20


So one thing occurred to me while Lily and I were out on our ride today:

Back in November we did a family ride on the "Community" Ditch Trail near Boulder. I blogged about how when Boone's bike got a flat when we were a long way from the car, that we traveled a long way with many cyclists passing us, none asking if we needed help (except for one group as we were getting back to the car), very few even slowing down.

It was frustrating and disheartening. It was something we were unused to.

Today (and most days since) was different. Lily and I stopped for a snack and a guy in a Team Evergreen jersey slowed down and asked if we were ok and needed help. Last family ride we did along the South Platte involved searching for a geocache. While we were stopped someone asked if we needed help. I've also noticed people helping other cyclists.

When we were out on that last ride as a family we had a flat in a neighborhood and a lady (not a cyclist) stopped to see if we needed help.

So is it a Boulder thing? Are cyclists around Boulder on such a tight training schedule that they can't help a fellow cyclist in trouble? Or was it because we weren't really a part of their "community" what with biking with our kids and all?

I ride for fun, utility, fitness and for transportation. I ride on the road, trails and paths. I ride alone and with my family. I ride when the weather is bad, all seasons, up grades, down rough descents, in traffic and anywhere else my two feet and two tires will take me.

I was slightly annoyed at the Jersey Guy that once scoffed at us as we rode the South Platte as if we were tourons. And so what if we were?

Anyway, I just got to thinking about the one time up near Boulder and how that experience was different from most I've had out biking around other people.

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