Monday, May 11

National Bike to Work Week

This week is the League of American Bicyclists' National Bike to Work Week. Friday is National Bike to Work Day.

I didn't ride today because I needed to bring clothes for the week, but I plan on riding the rest of the week for sure.

The DRCOG's (Denver Regional Council of Governments) Bike to Work Day is June 24. I rode that day last year and I definitely plan on riding this year.

Living in Kentucky I was never aware of these days or events, and regardless of if i had been it wouldn't have been a possibility for me, considering my average commute to work over the last 10 years I lived there by car was 45 minutes.

I love being able to participate in things like this and I am going to make a strong effort this summer to forego the car altogether. We'll see...

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