Tuesday, May 26

Raining in Denver

I was going to ride this morning. I was going to ride to the summit of Genesee and then back to work but the forecast said "soggy" so I opted to drive.

Then this morning when I got up it was a delicious sort of rain, like on the Deer Creek - Bear Creek ride I did a few weeks ago. More of a cool drizzle than rain, just enough to make you feel like a man-beast, but not so much as to make for a miserable ride.

I got dressed for work and drove Boone to school before work. It's his last day of kindergarten. Tomorrow is graduation.

But I would have loved to have ridden up to Genesee in the misty fog. I would have enjoyed it thoroughly. I love weather like this, even if it has scrambled my brain chemistry. I think since moving to Colorado I have become addicted to the sun. I notice cloudy days more now than in Kentucky.

8:50pm, Home

I never really elaborated on why I didn't ride this morning. I guess I had decided last night not to climb up Genesee. This morning I woke too late to be able to make the ride and after a weekend of trying to get my cycling mileage in and a five mile geocache hike with the kids I felt I needed a rest. I probably won't ride at all tomorrow though hopefully I can do Genesee Thursday and another Lookout Mountain/Apex ride on Friday.

This coming Saturday we're moving into our new apartment so I won't get to ride that day, and probably not on Sunday either. I'll be riding all week next week to work hopefully and I still have a date with Flagstaff summit from Chatauqua.

I really hope all this weekday riding is benefiting my TBP fitness.

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