Wednesday, May 13

Rough Commuting

5:30am I was up and sitting bleary-eyed on the couch trying to catch the news. I gave up on that after a few minutes and shoveled a bowl of cherrios down before stepping into my bike shoes. Instantly I was ready to be moving west.

It was a little cool as I dropped onto the Cherry Creek Trail but I warmed up quickly.

I rode all the way in to Golden and then instead of turning off to head for work I continued down, down, down South Golden Road to 19th where I turned hard left and geared down for my slow crawl up Lookout Mountain.

I climbed, climbed, climbed, climbed up, up, up and above the trees, the houses and everything Golden until I was looking down on the town like a bird as I snaked in and out of steep narrow gullies on the east slope of Mount Zion.

The decision for the day was this: loop back via hwy 40, via Apex Gulch or Chimney Gulch from Windy Saddle? I finally decided as I approached Windy Saddle to drop down Chimney Gulch Trail due to time constraints. I still had to be at work today after all…

I banged and jounced down Chimney Gulch to its intersection with Lookout Mountain Road, and instead of continuing on down to hwy 93 I cut right and blazed down along 19th to the bike path along 93 and then on to work.

Once I was back on the pavement after partially descending Chimney Gulch I kept hearing a rattle from the rear of my bike. I was fairly certain it was something to due with my carrier rack or trunk bag so I ignored it.

When I got to work and got off the bike I looked back and saw that my rear quick release on my wheel was open and the skewer was loose. Gulp!

I can't imagine how bad it would have been if I had bounced right off my rear wheel while descending Chimney Gulch. It wouldn't have been good at all.

But the ride was a good one. I cranked some miles and got some saddle time which should help me as I get ready for the TBP.

My repaired Cannondale, my new favorite bike

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