Sunday, May 24

Thunder and Lightning

I took Lily out for a ride this afternoon.

Despite a weather forecast of scattered thundershowers (sort of forgot) we hit the trail about 2pm. We rode south on the SPlatte just past Hudson Gardens to Lee Gulch.

The sky had been angry looking for awhile and we had heard distant thunder on and off the entire ride. We cruised up the Lee Gulch Trail, headed for its eastern terminus and the C-470 Bikeway which I planned on taking back west to the Highline and then to a Rail Spur Trail or something like that, and then on back to the SPlatte.

We got almost all the way to the end of the Lee Gulch Trail before the rain started. I immediately turned back. The rain was coming down hard, cold and the thunder boomed and lightning flashed.


I pedaled hard to get down Lee Gulch to a bridge or something where we could try to wait it out.

Unfortunately the only shelter along the trail was almost all the way back to the western terminus. So we finally got there, I was soaked completely and by then I had resolved to call Mandy and have her come get us, which she thankfully did. We met her at Hudson Gardens and drove home.

It was a good ride, but a lesson learned as well. Need better rain gear for me and for the occupants of our bike trailer.

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