Saturday, May 23

Wa-ay Behind!

So this morning I was a bit ambitious. My intended goal for the morning was to drive over to Morrison, get on the bike at sunrise and crawl up Bear Creek Canyon, through Evergreen and then on to the summit of Bergen Peak.

I got started late and didn't start riding until 5:40am and when I got to the TH for Bergen Peak it was 7:00 and I was sure I couldn't make it to the summit and then back to Morrison by 9:00.

So I turned back and headed down Bear Creek Canyon. At the upper terminus of the Bear Creek Trail (Lair O' the Bear Open Space Park) I jumped on it and cruised to the middle TH and then got back on the pavement to Morrison.

It was a good ride, but I am bummed I didn't make the climb to Bergen's summit. It was my own fault for lagging out of the gate though.

I desperately need to be riding more though. The TBP is going to take me 10 hours or so and right now I'm lucky to get in 3 hour training rides. I've got to do some longer rides.


So I get the feeling that the masses misinterpret this sign far too often:

One day a few months ago I was headed home on Logan. There is no room for a motorist to pass a cyclist between Speer and Alameda (and maybe farther south as well) and people drive far too fast on the road anyway. So when I do choose to ride on Logan from Cherry Creek I take the lane. Its the only option.

Of course motorists expect you to get over when there is a gap in the parked cars, but this is even more dangerous than continuing in the lane. Once you go into the gap/parking lane, there is no guarantee that drivers will let you back over. Consistency is the best policy for sure. And to be extra safe you should stay a few feet left of the parked cars in case someone opens a door unexpectedly.

So this one day I'm flying down Logan at a good clip and pass through the intersection at 1st and a woman in a Jeep guns past me in the middle of the intersection, barely giving me enough room (not passing when its safe) and yells:


She totally missed the point I guess.

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