Wednesday, June 24

Bike to Work Day 2009 today!

I rode. I did a detour and got in 21-22 miles before work and the nice guys from Yeti Cycles tuned up my bike (just in time for the Triple Bypass). Got a shirt, some buttons and stickers and a couple bagels.

Funny thing is that Wednesday is not my normal commute day. Lately I've been trying to ride Tues-Fri, but I average riding Tuesdays and Thursdays. And since I've been doing longer rides before work I've been taking rest days through the week...

Yesterday I just did my normal commute though. And today I did the 21-ish miles.

I am going to try a longer ride tomorrow and maybe a moderate ride on Friday, depending on the visiting family schedule.

Mandy's mom and dad and Ty and Ali are on their way to visit us and will be in Colorado until late next week.

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