Wednesday, June 10


So a few weeks ago I fielded a phone call from an irate landowner concerning a controversial biking event in the county. When I say he was irate that's not truly a strong enough statement, but I'll leave it at that.

So he made a couple of points that I don't particularly agree with and I wanted to address them. At the time I had to just bite my tongue and refrain from responding to his very scathing analysis of cyclists in general.

Point 1: "I'm a taxpayer (ugh!, hate when they start with that!) and when they start taxing their (cyclists) gear then they can start using the roads. Until then they need to ride on the paths."

My response: Most cyclists (especially those that ride on this guy's road) also own property and drive cars, therefore, they pay the same taxes Angry Taxpayer does. Also, bicycles are legal vehicles on the road in Colorado (and many other states) so regardless of whether cyclists pay taxes or not they have the same rights and responsibilities on the roads as other travelers.

Point 2: "They're (cyclists) all over the road and don't abide by the traffic laws." [paraphrased]

My response: You could say the same thing about motorists. On cell phones. Trying to hit cyclists because they're angry at being delayed a whole 30 seconds. It's not that cyclists ignore the law. People fail to abide by the law on both sides of the bumper.

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