Monday, June 8

Close Call

So on my last ride on Friday I had a heart stopping close call.

I was barreling east on the Clear Creek Trail, just east of the terminus of the Ralston Creek Trail and heading under the Sheridan bridge. I had passed under a few other bridges where the trail had been wet. So when I started down under the Sheridan bridge I saw water and for a split second didn't pay it any mind.

Then I realized that the water I saw was more than wet trail. It was the creek, flowing completely over the trail.

I yanked hard on both brakes in near terror...and went into a sideways skid toward the creek.

In a fraction of a second I reacted by letting off the brakes and slamming down on the pedals. I needed speed.

My skinny tires cut straight into the 8" deep water. I saw debris under the water on the trail and I had no idea where the edge of the pavement was. I kept pedaling.

I made it out unscathed...thankfully. My bike shoes were soaked through with snow runoff.

I continued on down the trail, my heart eventually resuming its normal pace.

The real downer was that I had to retrace my path through the same spot. At least the second time I knew it was coming.

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