Thursday, June 4

Green, Mountain

Thought I'd be cool and contour around Green Mountain on one of the trail instead of riding the road this morning. That was a muddy mess.

Got a glob of mud in my eye, crud all over my bike and it wasn't much fun at all.

I can't wait til the sun comes back out over the Front Range. It'll dry that heap of mud out so fast it'll crackle.

I've slacked on my mileage goal for the week. Of course the rain (and lack of planning on my part) made it difficult for me to get 25 miles a day.

So as of this morning I need to get in 70 miles between today and tomorrow to clock in 500 miles in a month's time (since Cinco de Mayo).

Regardless, I've ridden a record number of miles in a month (for me).

My parents and grandparents are going to be here this weekend so I probably won't get to ride at all. I'm going to have to knock out the miles next week for sure.


I miscalculated earlier...I need 50 miles tomorrow to reach 500 miles in a month...I think I can do it.

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