Wednesday, June 3

New Point of Origin

So I am liking our new place for most reasons, but one is that I now have a much better pool of great rides to choose from. We're much closer to the foothills now and particularly close to Morrison so I have easy access to Bear Creek Canyon, Red Rocks/Dinosaur Ridge, Mount Falcon and Green Mountain.

And then if I am just gunning through my commute it's just a little over 7 miles and I can crank it out in half an hour (even in the cold rain!)

Today I did a short ride through Red Rocks and then to work, nothing much, but it was nice to have the option.

So here is my short list for TBP training in the upcoming weeks:

Training while commuting:

Mount Falcon from Indian Hills
Flagstaff Summit (maybe from Golden)
Genesee Mountain (because it's awesome!)
Grapevine Rd to Lookout Mtn
Golden Gate Canyon - Coal Creek Canyon Loop

Weekend Rides (all round trips):

Bergen Peak from home
Idaho Springs to Colorado Mines Peak
Squaw Mountain from home
Mount Evans from home

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