Monday, August 31

Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad

August has least it will have in a few hours.

My car will not pass emissions. It would be cost prohibitive to even try to make it pass...a futile effort, dumping hundreds of dollars into a car with a quarter million miles on it to fulfill a purpose that will not make the car run better, nor extend its utility.

So in January my KY tags will expire and I don't want to go through the charade again. I just want to be rid of the burden of dealing with the car.

Mandy and I talked about it a few weeks ago and I decided I'd give going carless a go in September. If I can get through September without needing my car then I should be able to parlay that into a longer stint as a carless wonderboy. I think I can do it.

I am speculating that it might be easier, since the riding will not be the end, but the means. No Triple century ride...just getting where I need to go.

My Cannonball is aired up, my clothes for the week are hanging in my cube at work and I am ready to go...

We'll save money on gas, maintenance and insurance. I'll be healthier, more self sufficient and hopefully happier with my choice.

One thing I need to do it figure out a low stress route to work. Riding Jewell out to Alameda is not always fun, though it is a better route than most.

Monday, August 24

Carless Wonder-Boy

My goal for September is to go carless for the entire month if at all possible. The one exception is my NoRD (No Responsibilities Day). I want to get back up into the mountains, so I pan on driving that day, but otherwise I want to pedal everywhere!

Thursday, August 20

Tuesday, August 18

Back to the Ride

August I deemed Opportunity Month. I am on late shift and I have a little time before work to do things, so I am (trying) taking advantage of that to do some lesser peaks and mini-before work adventures.

But September...I plan on going back to commuting by two wheels. I have been riding to work a little, sort of when it makes things more convenient, like last Friday I rode so Mandy could just pick me up at 4pm on our way camping for the weekend.

I have no big cycling plans lined up, other than a MTB foray out to the ghost town of Crossons from Pine Valley OS. And it's only a 10 mile round trip ride.

I did get to see parts of the Leadville 100 and though I had not considered it in the past, I can see myself aspiring to do it in the future.

I missed seeing Lance Armstrong by about 15-20 minutes. If I had the presence of mind to have speculated that he wold have been in the race, especially considering that he came in SECOND last year, I would have waited around when the officials told us the leaders would be coming through soon.

Oh well...