Friday, September 4


Arg! I drove today. I'm just not feeling good at all. Its allergies or something and I feel super-blah.

I think that's going to be the crux of going car-less. When I don;t feel good, when its raining cats and dogs, when there is six inches of snow on the ground...I'm not going to want to ride. And once the car is gone I'll have no choice.

But then again, maybe with the choice taken away it'll just be easier. Problem is that being on early shift right now, I'm late if I don't just get up and go. So this morning I lagged just a few minutes and then had to give up on riding.

And my ride isn't flat enough that I can just go no matter what. There are enough rolling hills that if I were really sick or something it would be a major ordeal to get to work.

And its still early enough in the year that its daylight when I ride. Its going to be so much harder when its dark when I leave.

I think I need to explore the public transportation options.

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