Tuesday, October 13

Fair Weather Commuters

Where were you?! It was a fantastic day to ride in to work. The skies were hanging low with clouds but there was no rain or wind. The air was a mild 36° and with a windbreaker and a good heart rate it was the most comfortable ride I've had in awhile.

Most days I see you, when the sun blazes and the clear blue sky focuses all solar radiation onto your exposed skin. But why do you climb into the SUV or Suburbaru when the temperature drops a few degrees?

I must admit, my laziness has kept me behind the wheel, comfortably seated with my music playing while I played SOV chess for months past my "break" from cycling after the Triple Bypass (Bike Tour, NOT medical procedure). But now I'm back…my pet polluter is listed on craigslist and I have a prospective buyer. Life is good. I think we may have it all worked out so our family can drop from two cars to one.

I think I might talk to Facilities here at work and see if I can get a permanent locker in the locker room as a trade off for permanently giving up a parking space in the lot. Maybe they'll help me out with a place to store my bike inside other than in my cube…

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