Wednesday, October 21

Getting It Right

I thought about how green I was going to be this morning, but I ended up being blue but not in a sad way.

And here are some of the things I heard as I dripped slush into the carpet:

"You're crazy!"

You're rude! I thought.

"You didn't… I thought you were smart!"

Pretty smart actually, I warm and dry under my slushy shell.

And finally:

Head shake but then, "Nice work!"

Cool! Someone else understands!


I think today was the worst possible conditions for riding. I've ridden in colder, but drier, temperatures and was fine. I've ridden in wet, but warmer, conditions and was fine.

Today the temps were just above freezing and a heavy, slushy snow was falling. So most of my ride was in the slushy shoulders. I stayed completely dry except for my feet which were completely soaked and frozen by the time I got to work. All I needed were some waterproof shoes and my gaiters and my feet would have stayed warm and dry.

And my face got a little cold, but nothing I couldn't remedy easily, and it wasn't uncomfortable. Being the little heat engine that I am, having one part of my body be cold as I ride in is nice.

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