Monday, October 26

Super Bark!

I have a superpower I was unaware of.

This morning I carried my bike out and set it down on a sheet of ice outside our apartment. I rolled it to dry pavement and then threw a leg over and took off. I speculated that the drivers upon the roads would not be any more careful than on any other day, so I resolved that I would be as careful as I possibly could.

Once out on the road (sidewalk from our apartment to the top of the hill on Jewell) I realized that most people had not cleared their windows very well and would therefore not have good range of vision from their roving four wheel stop phone booths.

Atop Jewell Hill I hopped from the sidewalk out into the roadway, as I could maintain a relatively high speed and not be such a hindrance to traffic. There is a little gas station on the right at the top of the hill and as I approach a car eased out to the road. I sort of made eye contact with the driver through her ice encrusted side window, and she stopped as I approached the front of her car.

I was passing in front of her bumper, about 2' away and she started to pull forward.

HEY!!! I yelled at her car. It stopped dead, a foot away from me.

Super works. Try it sometime.

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