Thursday, October 22


My lovely wife bought me a carrier rack for the back of my bike(s), a second headlight and a new wicking shirt yesterday.

Thanks babe!

So I put the rack on the back of my road bike so now I can use the trunk bag with it, mostly eliminating the need for a backpack on my commutes. The second headlight goes on the mountain bike. I have had to tape the first headlight's mount to the handlebars of my road bike because they taper and the mount will never affix correctly. So that was nice.

On my very snowy and dim ride home last night I rubber-banded my first headlight directly to the handlebar of the MTB. Amazingly it made it all the way home!

Alas, I drove her car to work today. After all the snow/rain yesterday and last night the temperatures dropped a few degrees below freezing and this morning there was a nice coating of ice on the exposed surfaces. I just didn't want to take a chance...

But back on the bike again tomorrow!

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