Wednesday, October 7

Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad REDO

I have put my car on craigslist. $700 for a 1993 Suburbaru Legacy that runs. Oh, it has 250,000 miles on it, but it RUNS.

I've gotten 2 or 3 offers for $500 cash, but I'm pretty adamant on the 700. I need to buy fenders for my bike. Also, some waterproof shoes to get me through winter would be nice.

We've kind of figured it out. Worst case Mandy can take me to work on really bad days and I can either ride my bike or the bus home or she can pick me up in the evening.

On another note...I read an article in a recent Bicycling magazine that lists 109 rites of passage for cyclists. I checked off quite a few. More to come on that in the near future...

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