Tuesday, December 29


Two days...I've ridden my bike to work two days in December. Of course it is December in Colorado.

I am such a hypocrite. There have been plenty of days this month that I could have ridden. I was just lazy.

And my reasoning was this (list):

Dark when I ride to work
Cold (single digits and teens)
Snow/ice on the ground (best excuse by far)

Well, this morning I did fine with the dark. I can see well enough to ride. I wasn't cold at all. I think I may have finally nailed my dress. And the shoulders are dry and mostly clear. There were a few days that would have been tricky to ride. We did get a foot of snow last week.

Anyway, I'm back on track. In January I don't have to be in to work until 9am, so riding will be much easier.

Friday, December 18

Cold and Dark

I rode to work this morning. I left around 5:45 and got to work about 6:30. It was dark. It was cold.

I need a brighter headlight. The one I have is great for visibility. It has three options for solid or flashing LEDs, but they aren't bright enough to shed much light. Most of my ride has street lights, so its not a huge deal, but Rooney Road is pretty dark. There's not much ambient light there either.

My car is gone. We dropped it off last night. We're officially a one car family now.

I need a few things to complete my bicycle commuter costume:

Fender for MTB
Waterproof shoes (NOT bike shoes, those are wa-ay too expensive)
Brighter light for road bike
Better winter gloves for cycling
Eventually a roof-top rack for the car

Extra tubes for MTB

And that should do it. I've been doing this long enough that I have my system down pretty good. I might pick up some of those garment bags I saw at REI. They fold your clothes so they aren't wrinkled and it would be much easier to keep stuff dry on nasty days.

Thursday, December 17


Getting over it. I feel much better today. I rode to the grocery last night and felt pretty good. I was going to ride this morning. I had everything ready, but I decided I wanted a little more sleep.

If not tomorrow, then I am going to start full force next week. I think we may be selling my car tomorrow anyway.

Tuesday, December 15

A New Start

So we may have finally sold my car. And for the first time in 10 years we will be a one car family. Of course we have FIVE bikes.

We're hedonistic that way.

I am not saying I'll be riding my bike to work every day from now on, in fact, I am getting over some sinus funk and don't think I'll ride this week at all unless I improve drastically.

We'll see...

Wednesday, December 9

Involuntary Hiatus

Thanksgiving break...flew in some planes.

Afterward we've had snow, snow, snow. People are biking. I could be biking. But I'm not.

I think after the Christmas Season I am going to get on the bike one way or the other. I CAN do it.