Monday, January 4


Rode in today. It was so nice to ride in the daylight. It was cold, in the teens with single digit windchill, but it just didn't seem that bad.

Of course I'll be riding home in the dark...oh well.

I watched American Flyers yesterday (with the sound turned down really low and the subtitles on). It makes me want to do a big ride like the Triple Bypass again. I don't want to do the Triple this year...oh no! Don't get me wrong, it was a great ride, I'd love to do it again, but I want something different.

I might look into doing the Stonewall Century in August.

My goal in 2010 is to ride to work at least four days a week. I am going to work on maximizing my efficiency. I'd like to get it to a point where I give as little thought to riding as I have to driving. That'll be hard actually, but I think if i ride enough that it'll be possible.

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