Tuesday, January 26

Lakewood Anti-appreciation Day

This morning I had two different Lakewood City vehicles buzz me. Both were pulling trailers and in both instances (2 or 3 minutes apart) the driver could have gotten into the empty left lane but didn't even bother to get over within the right lane. I suspect they were "distracted."

And then as I approached Iron Springs park I saw both of them parked and their crews unloading the backhoe and bobcat from the trailers.

One of the crew saw my upraised three fingers but had a very quizzical look. Clueless. And supporting my theory that they were "distracted."

I debated for the rest of my ride whether or not I should report it to the City, but I just don't have the mental energy to deal with it.

Otherwise it was a good ride if a bit brisk (17F).

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