Sunday, February 28

A Brief Chuckle...

"Environmentalists are passionate about bicycling, public transportation, and walking — none of which ever add up to a free ride to the airport."

--from Stuff Environmentalists Like (

For the record I DO NOT consider myself an environmentalist. I do believe that God expects us to be good stewards of that which he has given us, but I don't believe in "environmentalism" as a cause per se. I've never really exhibited a huge footprint and the more I've realized what my footprint in the world is the smaller I've made it through conscious and subconscious methods.

I guess my desire to be less dependent on motor vehicles comes from a desire to be more independent and more efficient in my comings and goings. And to quote my mother back in my high school days: "If everyone else is wearing white pants then Chris would wear black." I like to be my own self and not a clone of everyone else. It's fun to be a part of the trendy fringe...haha!

I've been wanting to lose weight (of course I haven't been riding to work, go figure) and I realized today as I attempted a muddy trail run on Green Mountain that if I could just go back to hiking like I did when I was 20 years old I could drop the weight in no time.

This month I'm back on the early shift at work so I am going to do my best to ride at least four days a week. We'll see...