Friday, March 19

Ah, to Dream!

If money were no factor in my decision (of course it is) then I would get rid of my Cannonball and my Giant and buy a Rivendell Atlantis set up for touring. I'd say somewhere in the neighborhood of $4,000 would put one in my driveway...

If cost and simplicity were no factor I would also love the Woodrup Giro Touring bike. I haven't even been able to find a price on it and I imagine its not cheap. The frame alone appears to be about $650.

Alas, to dream...

Some great touring images can be found at The Fully Loaded Touring Bike.

And while we're about my dream rides?

I want to ride coast to coast, Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon (and out to Astoria on the coast). I'd love ride cross country in Canada, Nova Scotia to Vancouver. I'd also love to ride the Pacific Coast.

Europe would be fun on a bike especially Italy (Tuscany and the Alps). I can actually think of quite a few places I'd like to ride around.

I want to ride the entire Blue Ridge Parkway some day. And I want to do the Tours of Colorado and Wyoming.

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