Tuesday, March 23

CST Compressor Tire Review

The week before the Triple Bypass I let the guy at Pedal Power talk me into buying a pair of CST Compressors. I had had Michelin Krylion carbon tires on the bike before that and they had held up under a year of abuse riding on roads between Denver and Golden.

I've put about 600 miles on the CSTs including the 120 miles of the Triple Bypass. I really haven't ridden that much since then, actually most of those 500+ miles since the triple have come in the last few months.

The tires still look good, well, except for the gash I got in my front sidewall last week. And I haven't examined my rear tire yet. It went flat this morning a half mile from work. It might not be the tire, but I'm kinda suspicious of having both tires got flat within a week of each other with no other problems the six months prior...

I think I'll go back to the Michelin's. They held up to some serious abuse as I commuted in nasty conditions, explored the roads and bike paths around Denver and trained for the Triple Bypass. It's with the extra few dollars for the better tires for sure.

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