Thursday, March 18


Day before yesterday on my ride home I had a flat. I pulled off the side of Alameda, yanked the tire and tube off the rim and went on the hunt for the offending goathead or whatever had caused the damage.


So I put the new tube and the tire back on the rim, though poorly. I took it easy the rest of the way home and after putting the bike out on the deck I continued to put off going back and fixing the tube/tire.

At 9pm that night I lamented the sore trials of having to redo everything and my lovely wife offered these kind words of encouragement:

"I'll drive you tomorrow."

So yesterday I got the royal treatment and front door service both in the morning and in the afternoon.

Then last night I decided I'd ride today for sure and then suddenly remembered that my front wheel needed some attention. But the bike also needed to be cleaned off from the past couple of weeks of road grime. So I rode over to the car wash and hosed off the frame and rims and then rode back to the apartment.

I put the dripping bike back on the deck, pulled the wheel off and as I was walking back in to the apartment I saw something odd.

"Ahhh! I need a new tire!"

I had noticed the small gash in the sidewall when I changed the tube on the side of the road, but there was no corresponding gash in the tube, so I assumed that something else had caused the flat. And maybe it did, but the tube poking out was definitely a sign of needing new tires.

I was going to be riding in the morning. Then Mandy interjected: "Guess you'll be riding your mountain bike huh?"

Ugh! The Cannonball! So heavy! So slow!

"Or will one of my tires fit?"

Eureka! She's genius!

"Yeah!" I answered. I ran back to the bedroom to get the wheel to take off the tire but then I had my own stroke of genius. I pulled her wheel off went back out on the deck and dropped my fork onto her wheel. Voila!

I checked the brakes because her rim looks wider than mine, but it was a perfect fit.

And so I rode this morning:

So I've got to get a new tire for my bike. I bought the set I have now right before the Triple Bypass in July. And while I probably rode quite a few more miles on the set I had before my current, they were a little more expensive. I've definitely gotten at least 600 miles out of them before the sidewall gash. And other than the gash the front tire still looks good.

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