Monday, March 29


A sedentary afternoon yesterday spawned an idea. My wife shared an epiphany she had with me as she reclined on the couch and I sat in the recliner reclining. Her idea…the summer when Lily is 5 (and Boone will be 9) we should time our lease to be up at an optimal point, have banked vacation, put everything in storage and strike out on a grand family bike adventure.

Wow! I love her!

Anyway, so the gears in my head have been turning. Two years might just be enough time to plan and prepare. We'll need to be comfortable camping as a family, cooking on the road, sticking together, trusting ourselves and achieving a big goal together.

I think we can do it. It will be the ultimate test of simplicity, boldness and ingenuity. It will be an adventure that my kids will never forget. They won't be too old to outright object…they may even be wholeheartedly for it.

We need to refine our system, plan on changes in our gear and bikes and gain the preliminary experience to be able to pull it off without a hitch…well, with as few hitches as possible.

My initial scheme would be a big loop, Denver to Pueblo to pick up Highway 50 which could possibly take us all the way to Cincinnati. We could detour before Cinci to go right into good ole Powell County for a short visit, then the next leg would take us north up through Western Ohio where we'd pick up the Lincoln Highway which we could follow all the way back to Denver.

By jove! It just might work!

More to come…


The route I mapped: Golden, CO to Pueblo, then Hwy 50 almost all the way to L'ville, KY. Then to Lexington, minus the side trip to Powell County, then up to the Lincoln Highway via the Great Miami Rec Trail and then the Dixie Highway through Cinci, Dayton and Lima, OH. Then the Lincoln Highway West to Denver and then back to Golden...

2,800 miles.

So it might take more than 30 days for my initial scheme. Or maybe I alter the route...but the route I chose would be significant, riding three historic roads that predate the US Interstate Highway system.

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