Wednesday, March 31


After getting riled up about Mandy's idea for a bike adventure and the warm weather the last few days I've actually gotten the bug to ride again.

I'm not itching to ride to Avon just yet, but I want to do a longer ride every once in awhile. After all, my big cycling goal for 2010 is riding from our house to the summit of Mt Evans and back. And of course riding at least four days a week to work. Hopefully now that the weather is better and the days are longer I can cultivate the good habit of just riding everywhere.

I keep thinking about riding all over the country in a couple of summers and that is exciting to me. I think we can do it and I think it will be an amazing experience.

Of course doing that will not diminish my desire to ride coast to coast at some point in the future beyond, but it will most definitely give me a good primer and the background to pull that one off.

I should be getting new tires for my road bike any day. I think I'll try to do a long ride this week. At least 30 miles...

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