Friday, March 12

Yes, I Want a Cookie!

Getting to work on my bike today was an accomplishment. For 7.6 miles I rode into a wicked headwind. Its funny, my ride used to be a straight line along the compass, back when I rode from Denver to Golden, but now its a sort of winding West to North and a few degrees toward NE and NW. But I had a headwind the entire ride.

I guess the prevailing winds must have been from the north. As I rode around the south slopes of Green Mountain I was probably in a huge eddy of air behind the massive dirt pile. Then I turned north headed toward the mouth of Mount Vernon Canyon. I expected the wind to bend in a Z from Mt Vernon down Thunder Valley (for lack of a better name) and out around Green Mountain to continue on toward the plains.

What I didn't expect was the continued assault by the wind after I passed the mouth of Mount Vernon Canyon at the I-70 overpass. Looking down on Golden at that point I realized that the winds were coming from Boulder. Evil Boulder winds!

At one point on the last leg of the ride, as I struggled to maintain 25 mph down Rooney Rd where I can usually hit 30-35 mph I was leaning a few degrees off vertical into a sidewind coming at me from the NW. It buffeted me and the bike twisted in my grasp. I was pretty sure it was going to throw me, but I managed to hold on until the worst of the gust had passed.

I made it, having gone much slower than usual and having fought the Devil Wind the entire way. But I prevailed! I won through so I could work inside on a beautiful Friday, if a windy one. I'd rather be climbing.

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